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Permits & Inspections

Walker Municipal Building
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Walker, LA 70785

Phone: 225.665.8893

Contact Building Inspector, Nancy Kimble

Contact Permit Technician/Floodplain Manager, Nancy Kimble
7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday

Unified Developement Code (UDC) - updated 4-8-19

The City of Walker's permitting and building inspection program exists to improve the quality of life for our citizens by ensuring that residential and commercial construction in our community complies with established standards, and that building codes are enforced. We are also committed to quality customer service by providing access to most licensing and permit procedures and applications online.

How the process works

Building permits are required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish all structures, commercial and residential, in the City of Walker. For detailed procedures for each type of construction, click the appropriate link below. Links to actual permit applications online are below.

» Planning and zoning: A Step by step guide
» For Homeowners: Acquiring a building permit for residential construction
» For Contractors: Acquiring a building permit for residential construction
» For Contractors: Acquiring a building permit for commercial construction
» For Contractors: Acquiring electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits
» Floodplain management
» Acquiring an address
» Code enforcement

Building permit fees

(Check Appendix A of the Unified Development Code (UDC) for More Details and Fees)


Application Fee:


Waiver or Variance

$50 plus clerk of court filing fee

Planning Minor Subdivide

$50 plus clerk of court filing fee

Planning Major Subdivide

$300 Plus $5. Per Lot

Zoning Application Fee


Clerk of Court Filing Fee

up to 11x17 - See courthouse for current fees 

larger than 11x17 - See courthouse for current fees

Residential Building Permit Fee

Based upon square footage of the dwelling


 Commercial Building Permit Fee

Based on the project cost

Mobile Home Moving Permit Fee



Building permit applications online

To obtain the necessary building permits, click the appropriate application links below.

» Planning & Zoning application
» Building permit application
» Electrical permit application
» Mechanical permit application
» Plumbing permit application


Need to know what a property is zoned. Submit a Zoning request form.

Building codes

Your plans will be reviewed for code compliance. For a list of applicable construction codes and editions, click here.

Contractor licensing

All contractors doing business in the City of Walker must have a contractor's license for the City of Walker. To obtain a license application, click here. You must also supply the following to obtain or renew the license:

» A current Louisiana state license
» General liability with the City of Walker as certificate holder
» A $5,000 surety bond made out for the City of Walker
» Pay a $100 fee for January 1 through December 31 of each year

All licenses expire December 31 of each year. No permits or licenses will be issued to the contractor without proper information in our records. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Walker's Permit Department at 225.665.8893 or email


City of Walker Permit Department
P.O. Box 217
Walker, LA 70785
Office: 225.665.8893
Fax: 225.664.0140