Report a code violation

To report an overgrown lot or another building code violation, please call our City Inspector at 225.665.8893 during regular business hours. For more detailed information about reporting blight and nuisances, and the City of Walker's efforts to provide a safe and desirable living and working environment for all citizens in our community, click here. A code enforcement complaint form is available online hereNOTICEANNUAL ADVERTISEMENT FOR CUTTING OF WEEDS AND GRASS IN THE CITY OF WALKERTHE OWNER OF ANY YARD, LOT, PASTURE, FARM LAND, SUBDIVISION OR PARCEL OF GROUND LOCATED WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF WALKER ARE REQUIRED TO CUT, DESTROY OR REMOVE WEEDS OR GRASS OR DELETERIOUS OR UNHEALTY GROWTHS OR OTHER OBNOXIOUS MATTER, GROWING, LAYING OR LOCATED IN OR UPON YARDS AND/OR VACANT LOTS, PLACE OR AREA. ANY SUCH VIOLATION WILL BE CUT BY THE CITY OF WALKER OR DESIGNATED THIRD PARTY AT A RATE OF $250.00 PER HOUR, PLUS A PENALTY AND RELATED COSTS AS SET FORTH IN CITY ORDINANCE NUMBER 10-2014-04 AND SHALL BE RECORDED IN THE MORTGAGE RECORDS AS A TAX LIEN.