How Do I Pay Taxes?

Walker property taxes are due Jan. 1 of each year. Payments received after that date will be assessed penalties of 1% for every month they remain delinquent. Walker property taxes apply to individuals who live within the Walker city limits, and are separate from — and therefore in addition to — Livingston Parish property taxes.

The millage rate for the City of Walker is 0.0022%. Taxes are based on the value of your property, which is assessed every four years by the Livingston Parish Assessor's Office.

You can pay your taxes at the Walker Municipal Building, 10136 Florida Blvd. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check and money order. You can also mail a check or money order to the following address:

City of Walker
ATTN: Taxes
P.O. Box 217
Walker, LA 70785

Many taxes are paid by the mortgage company. You may inquire with your mortgage company about this process. Only after January 1 of each year will we have all payments by mortgage companies posted and processed.

If you have not received your tax notice in the mail by December 1, please call the Walker Municipal Building at 225.665.4356. If you have purchased your home within the current year, your tax notice may still be in the previous owner's name. This should correct itself in the following year. If the problem persists on subsequent tax bills, however, contact the Livingston Parish Assessor's Office to resolve the problem.

If your property taxes are late, you should call the Walker Municipal Building at 225.665.4356 for the total of all taxes owed, including penalties and interest.