City of Walker Utilities

Utilities Department
Walker Municipal Building
10136 Florida Boulevard
Walker, LA 70785

Phone: 225.664.3123
7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Monday through Thursday

The City of Walker strives to provide the highest quality of services for gas, water, sewer, garbage and streets to all citizens of our community through our Department of Public Works.

Connecting new service

To read about the procedures and requirements for obtaining new water, sewer, gas and garbage service from the City of Walker, as well as a listing of fees, click the appropriate link below. Online application forms for both residential and commercial customers are available for your convenience.


If you are a property owner applying for new service, click here.

If you are renting or leasing and applying for new service, click here.

If you are a real-estate agency applying for new service, click here.

If you are a builder applying for new service, click here.

Entergy permit

Although the City of Walker does not provide electricity, we do require that residents inside the city limits obtain an occupancy permit before Entergy can connect your service. The fee for that permit is $20. After you have been approved for utility service, the clerk will provide you with the proper paperwork to connect your electricity.

Paying for service

Bills are mailed to our customers monthly and can be paid via return mail or at the Walker Municipal Building, 10136 Florida Boulevard. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and debit cards. A 24-hour drop box is also available for your convenience.

Customers can also sign up to make direct payments from their checking account through automated bank draft. To sign up for this service, click here. To end your automated bank drafts, click here.


Utility Payments

Disconnecting or transferring service

Customers have seven days after payment is due to pay for their utilities. On the eighth day, the City of Walker will send a reminder, adding an administrative fee of $20 per gas and $20 per water account. Accounts with a past-due balance of more than $34 are subject to disconnection. Three days after reminders are mailed, accounts with unpaid balances are subject to disconnection.

To request to have your services disconnected, contact the City of Walker at 225.664.3123 to notify us of a disconnection date. Once your final bill is paid in full, any remaining deposit will be refunded to you around the beginning of the following month.

If you are moving and wish to transfer your balance to a new account, click here.